Experimental Projects


When we're not working with clients, we're experimenting with new techniques, algorithms, design and programming methodologies, web technologies, animation and optical illusions or exploring concepts resulting from our wider research and bringing them to life through design.

A full collection of our experiments will be available here very soon, but in the mean time take a look at a small collection of our most recent works

Poster Design : Techno Lilly

A lilly is produced by a space age industrial machine. Viewed in isolation we appreciate its aesthetic beauty, but in context it is devoid of individuality, one of an identical multitude spewed onto a conveyor belt traveling through the belly of a great machine.

Technology can produce things of beauty, but rarely do they rival the individuality, complexity and wonderment of nature, or the emotional investment of hand crafted production.

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poster design experiment - techno lilly

poster design experiment - techno lilly close up

Poster Design : Danger Under Foot.

Like it or not, the majority of us live out our lives as participants and architects in a variety of mechanistic systems, both technological and societal.

This piece explores the relationship between man the biological animal and the systems he and his predecessors build, participate in and evolve.

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  poster design experiment : danger underfoot

Wine Label Virtual Prototype Experiment

Here we explore the design and rapid virtual prototyping of a product packaging. Our aim was to build a streamlined process for future packaging projects, enabling rapid virtual prototypes to be built, examining the effectiveness of our designs in a natural context.

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  wine label design : a virtual prototyping packaging and branding experiment

Poster Design : Clockwork Universe

This work was inspired by a piece of discordian philosophy called the aneristic illusion.

It explores the attempt to reconcile an apparently chaotic universe to the limited sphere of human understanding.

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poster design experiment : clockwork universe

Experimental Logo Design : Vertex Holdings

A few months ago we noticed a competition on a job board posted by a hosting and design company for a company logo.

We really don't like to get involved in such competitions, but the company name and the service they offered offered some avenues for exploration for us, so we produced a logo design and documented the processes that lead us to its completion.

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Mini Poster Design : Consumerizer MK2

In an age of focus groups, psychological consumer profiling, marketing databases, viral marketing, product placements, retail therapy and debt consolidation services, we explore the history, evolution and mechanisms of the consumer economy, and its impact upon the environment and the human psyche.

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Mini poster design experiment : consumerizer MK2

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