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Web Application Development

Hide Folder 3  


Hide Folder is a powerful data privacy, encryption and protection tool for use on Microsoft Windows based PCs.

We were approached by Puresoft, the distributors of Hide Folder, to produce a fully integrated web design content management and secure online ordering system with automatic user registration, customer and order management features.

Web Design

We produced a wide range of design concepts and prototypes for Puresoft before settling upon the final web site design, featuring a high technology theme and a magical galaxy/wormhole metaphor (hinting at the transportation of the users encrypted data to a hidden universe and back again).

screenshot of the hide folder web site design
Screen shot of the web site's front page.

This styling and galaxy theme would later be carried across to the development of the dvd packaging and CD front design we created for the retail boxed version of the product.


The hide folder site was constructed using modular PHP code, running on a dedicated Linux server, with a MySQL relational database back-end.

Extensive use of server side includes and modular design and construction make future web site and code updates easier.

The styling of the hide folder site is controlled with a cascading style sheet (CSS), enabling easy site wide adjustments of style elements from a single file.


Puresoft were very happy with our work on the Hide Folder web site. Below is some feedback we received at the projects completion (reproduced with permission):

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the excellent work you did for our recent Hide Folder project. From start to finish the project was managed and executed with great professionalism and dedication. It often felt like I had a team of people working on the project, the sort of level of service and attention I would maybe hope for if I was working with a specialist up-market agency paying many times more than your very reasonable rates.

You consistently produced work of the highest standards and right through to the end of the project you continued to exceed my expectations. Your suggestions, guidance and advice were always insightful and very helpful.

The main thing that I really liked about working with you was that you could do the whole programming/internet technology side of things as well as the graphics and design. It meant I could be sure that the final solution was going to be a truly integrated solution. I was very much impressed by the thorough testing that all stages of the development were obviously put through. There were hardly any issues I could find with your programming work when I received it for testing, and considering the complexity and size of the project, I was very impressed at what a good job you did.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else seeking internet or graphic design development and consultancy services. I will certainly be using your services in the future whenever the need arises."

Philip Hodgers
Managing Director

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Along with the web site design and development work, we produced a matching packaging design which can be seen on the:

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Web Application Development

Behind the Hide Folder web site, sits a comprehensive web application, incorporating product, order and customer registration management facilities.

The administration of regularly updated content in the front end of the web site is handled by bespoke content management systems.


Comprehensive online ordering and order management facilities, tightly integrated with the worldpay payment gateway, offer tried, tested and trusted secure ordering facilities for the customer, and easy administration of orders for Puresoft staff.


A promotions management system allows product promotions with corresponding discount coupons to be issued and managed. Users can apply coupon codes during the order process. Puresoft can manage promotions and view statistics to chart the success of promotions in the order administration system.


We explored a number of approaches to integrate the ordering system with the Sage and Quickbooks off-line accounting software.

Eventually settling on Quickbooks, the ordering and database administration system we built allows Puresoft to export order and customer data to their off-line Quickbooks accounting system with a single click.

Account export history management features record the complete export history, offering single click-account exports from the last export date to the present, and keeping tabs on previous exports. Historic accounting periods can be re-exported with a couple of clicks.


An automated user registration system integrated into the ordering process allows for the automatic and unsupervised registration of Hide Folder users, and the electronic distribution of registration information and sales receipts, greatly simplifying and reducing the administration time that would usually be required by Puresoft to manage these processes manually.


A series of order verification checks, tightly integrated with Worldpay's World Alert system allow suspect or potentially fraudulent orders to be flagged for manual intervention before users are delivered their registration information.


Content management facilities allow easy update of regularly changing information from an easy to use web based administration interface.


  • News Management System

    News and announcements can be entered quickly and easily through a web based interface. News and announcements automatically become part of the Hide Folder web site front-end.

  • Rotating Testimonials System

    A testimonial management system allows Puresoft to easily add and manage testimonials sent by their many happy customers.

    Users can submit their feedback and testimonials directly through the front end of the Hide Folder web site, ready for one-click confirmation by Puresoft's staff for inclusion in the web site front end.

    Testimonials displayed on the site are ranked and displayed in rotation, presenting the user with fresh content as they browse from page to page.

  • FAQ Management System

    A frequently asked questions database management system allows Puresoft to build and manage a Hide Folder related knowledge base for their users, reducing the burden of support enquiries.

    Frequently asked questions are entered, categorised and managed from a user friendly WYSYWIG editor interface, with the resulting knowledge base being displayed in the FAQ section of the hide folder web site front end.



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