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We were approached by DJ Sirius of Digital Religion to produce a full colour promotional flyer design for their upcoming Drum and Bass bank holiday special at the Escape Club,Brighton - featuring a wealth top DJs, including L Double, The Mixologists, Nicky Blackmarket, Cause4Concern, Sirius, Modul8, Tuff Cookie and a selection of the finest Brighton MC talent.


We produced a logo design for digital religion to be featured on the flyers and with a view to future branding and merchandising. The red logo symbol is a modification of an ancient alchemical and mystical symbol with an extremely interesting history, befitting the digital religion name.



The front of the flyer features a futuristic digital turntable branded with the digital religion logo, being born out of of a chaotic multiverse. The deck would be reused later in the production of a promotional poster design.

Click the flyer design to the right to see an enlargement of the flyer front.

  front of the digital religion drum and bass flyer design
Front of the Digital Religion Drum & Bass Flyer Design


The flyer back features a modified yet complimentary colour scheme. Our aim with this layout was to incorporate comprehensive details relevant to the event, while keeping the text readable and avoiding a cluttered appearance.

Click the flyer design to the right to see an enlargement of the flyer back.

  back of the digital religion drum and bass flyer design
Back of the Digital Religion Drum & Bass Flyer Design


On the day before the flyers were to be printed, we were asked to produce a black and white promotional poster design for this event.

This poster design was produced to a tight deadline. We supplied a print ready design and preview/proof the same day of the request, enabling the production of the promotional posters alongside the flyer print run for timely distribution and advertising.

Click the poster design to see an elargement of the poster.

  poster design for the digital religion drum and bass bank holiday special
Digital Religion Drum & Bass Poster Design

Visit The Website

For more details for this and future Drum & Bass events organised by Digital Religion, visit their web site.



"I have used standard company designers before, where you pay a fee for the design of your promotional material ontop of the printing cost. This time round I decided to seek out some talent for the job. I stumbled across Ethical Design by pure co-incidence, through a search engine.

I was immedietly drawn in by the quality and insight of their work. I decided straight away this was the company to do the work for me. I have not found one problem with any part of working and dealing with Ethical Design. The work they have produced for me says it all, and in a good timeframe aswell. They worked to meet my deadline, while constantly keeping me updated with their progress.

I will definetly be recommending Ethical Design to anyone seeking design work in any media. Once again thank you for your hard work guys!!" -- Adam Mottram A.K.A Sirius of Digital Religion


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