DVD Box Software Packaging Design



We produced this DVD packaging design and CD front design for Puresoft as part of their Hide Folder Web Design Project.

Hide Folder is an advanced data protection,encryption, hiding and privacy software tool for Microsoft Windows based PCs.


The styling of the dvd box design we produced carries forward stylistic themes from their web design, offering consistency between their website and packaging for the retail boxed version of this product.

Featuring a high technology theme and a magical galaxy/wormhole metaphor (hinting at the transportation and encryption of the users private data to a hidden universe and back again with the aid of the hide folder product), this final design was chosen from a range of concepts.

See an enlarged versions of:

The DVD Box cover design front here »»

The DVD Box cover design back here »»

The CD front design here »»

The virtual prototype DVD box design here »»


Puresoft were very happy with the website design and packaging design work we did for them.

Below is some feedback they sent to us at the completion of their project (reproduced with permission):

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the excellent work you did for our recent Hide Folder project. From start to finish the project was managed and executed with great professionalism and dedication. It often felt like I had a team of people working on the project, the sort of level of service and attention I would maybe hope for if I was working with a specialist up-market agency paying many times more than your very reasonable rates.

You consistently produced work of the highest standards and right through to the end of the project you continued to exceed my expectations. Your suggestions, guidance and advice were always insightful and very helpful.

The main thing that I really liked about working with you was that you could do the whole programming/internet technology side of things as well as the graphics and design. It meant I could be sure that the final solution was going to be a truly integrated solution. I was very much impressed by the thorough testing that all stages of the development were obviously put through. There were hardly any issues I could find with your programming work when I received it for testing, and considering the complexity and size of the project, I was very impressed at what a good job you did.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else seeking Internet or graphic design development and consultancy services. I will certainly be using your services in the future whenever the need arises."

Philip Hodgers
Managing Director

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Hide Folder DVD Box Design Front
DVD Box Cover Design and
CD Label Virtual Prototype Design.

Hide Folder DVD Box Design Back
DVD Box Cover Design and
CD Label Virtual Prototype design

Hide Folder CD Front Design
Online Ventures CD Front Design
Click image for larger version.

Hide Folder Virtual Packaging Design Prototype

DVD Software Box Cover Design.
A Virtual Prototype