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Poster Design

Experimental & Promotional Poster Design

Here we present a small collection of our poster designs, produced for promotional purposes or explorations of ideas resulting from our wider research.

If you would like us to design your promotional flyers, cd covers, packaging, posters, or other print material, tell us about it using the enquiry form.

Club Promotion Poster : Urban Beatz Suite

This promotional club poster design was dontated to promote the Urban Beatz Suite event, the proceeds of which go to Silsoe Aid For Appropriate Development charity.

You can see an enlargement of the poster design here.

For more information about the event and SAFAD, and to see the flyer design that went with it visit the urban beatz suite flyer design page here.

  urban beatz suite poster design

Poster Design : Message

Inspired by our cymatics and geometry research and the crop circle phenomenon. Featuring a common and well known crop circle design and a pulsating waveform hinting at the possible connection between geometrical crop formations and wave based dynamical systems. Are they a message from god, from aliens, witchcraft, an elaborate hoax or an explainable product of a dynamical system so complex it is beyond our current understanding?


experimental poster design : the message

Poster Design : Techno Lilly

This piece explores the loss of individuality and choice that can result from mass manufacturing processes.

You can find out more about this work and the concepts behind it in the experiments lab.


experimental poster design : techno lilly

Poster Design: Danger Under Foot

Like it or not, the majority of us live out our lives as participants and architects in a variety of mechanistic systems, both technological and societal.

This piece explores the relationship between man the biological animal and the systems he and his predecessors build, participate in and evolve.

We believe we command the machinery, because we have our hands on the controls, but their lengthy historical evolution and inherent complexity coupled with our active involvement in their functioning can sometimes blind us to their true nature and the dangers present in and surrounding their existence.

We risk a loss of humanity - the mechanisation of man himself. Or do we? As individual biological animals, can our true will ever be fully invested in the will of the machine?

You can find out more about this work and the concepts behind it in the experiments lab.


experimental poster design : danger underfoot

Poster Design : Consumerizer MK2

In an age of focus groups, psychological consumer profiling, marketing databases, viral marketing, product placements, retail therapy and debt consolidation services, we explore the history, evolution and mechanisms of the consumer economy, and its impact upon the environment and the human psyche.

You can find out more about this work and the concepts behind it in the experiments lab.


experimental poster design : consumerizer MK2

Poster Design: Clockwork Universe

The result of one of our design experiments. It was inspired by a piece of discordian philosophy called the aneristic illusion.

You can find out more about the concepts behind this work, why and how we made it in the experiments lab.


experimental poster design : circulate

Promotional Poster Design : Circulate

Produced for a club night 'circulate' we took the opportunity to explore some ideas behind the common circle.

Ask many people what they see when you show them a circle and they'll tell you that they see a circle. Ask us what we see and we'll give you a half hour lecture in history, geometry, science, spirituality and the subconscious. Soon to be available in our experiments lab.


promotional poster design : circulate

Club Poster Design : Digital Religion

This promotional poster design was produced to a tight deadline. We supplied a print ready design and preview/proof the same day of the request, enabling the production of the promotional posters alongside a flyer print run for timely distribution and advertising of Digital Religion's bank holiday special Drum & Bass event.

You can see an enlargement of the poster design here.

You can see related flyer designs here.

  Digital Religion Drum and Bass Club Promotional Poster Design

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